What We Offer

We collaboratively create new ways to use laughter and play in the classroom and the workplace, offering the following:


educational curriculum
  • The Art and Science of Play
  • Multiple Intelligences in Program Design
  • Interpretation and Tracking Playfully
  • Inquiry-based Investigations of Watersheds
  • Social Statistics and Conservation
  • Play and Strategic Communications
  • Wildlife Statistics Boot Camp
  • Play and Literacy
 interactive small-group workshops
  • Team-Building for NGOs and Corporate Management Teams
 inspiring large-group presentations
  •  Laughter Yoga in the Workplace
corporate consultations
  • Curriculum Evaluations
  • Corporate Messaging Evaluations
  • Leadership Clinics
  • Team-Building Retreats

keynote addresses
  • Mind Mapping Forest Ecology
  • Using Humor and Play for Cultural Bridging
  • The Art and Science of Play
  • Play and Human Health
  • Play and Environmental Education
  • Play and the Corporate Climate
  • Play: The Universal Language